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Rates for School Visits:

1 hour visit: $100
1+ hour visit with craft discussions on writing technique and exercises: $150-200
Contact me for more school visit options.

Contact me if you are interested in setting up a school visit.

Contact me if you are interested in setting up a school visit.

At this time I do not have a published book, but that does not mean I don’t have much to offer a classroom of wide-eyed, eager children!

I am a practicing physician with an MFA in creative writing for children, and I have a passion to teach children and share anything and everything that I know. I have been a girl scout leader, I’m a mother of two girls, and I am not afraid to clown around in front of a class to get a few laughs.

Options for classroom education/presentations include:

  1. Using picture books to help with anxiety, diversity issues, combat gender bias, and sexual orientation. This would involve reading well known picturebooks and looking at them from a different point of view and reviewing how a fun book can also influence the way we treat others.
  2. Teaching writing craft techniques and structure – Educating young writers on the principles of character development, voice,setting, plot, or theme and how to fine-tune these principles. May involve writing exercises and examples from common picture book or middle grade texts.
  3. Educator based lecture:  Specific discussions on anxiety in children and how teachers/counselors/educators can help students through books. This was the topic of a critical thesis I have researched and presented, and I feel this is an outlet that would be an excellent topic for a teacher in-service. Finding other tools outside of formal counseling to help children in an education environment is essential and needed when anxiety and stress prevails in so many. A formal power point presentation is available to educators to highlight literary options with a medical background to help with other resources.

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