Why can’t I share my Cheetos with Sam?    

Why can’t I have a slumber party?

Why do I have to wear this mask?

As parents, we’re already a hot mess (speaking for myself) with uncertainties, questions, and trying to do all we can to keep our family safe. Our kids sit back and are expected to follow our example and heed our guidance. But they have questions. As with any strange situation, the more information we provide can help alleviate anxiety. 

Instead of saying, “you must do this because I say so” or “the school requires it, so we have to” – we can help kids understand the why (as much as possible).

I have attached some picture book links for kids to help understand the meaning of a virus and the invisible threat, as well as help kids understand how they can help. If kids understand that they protect themselves and others by washing their hands, it can put them in a position of power with something they can control. Click on the link below and then you can click “next” to flip to the next page. I encourage you to buy or check these books out from the library to support the authors. 


There are MANY more books on these topics in the world, and I only took a brief snapshot. I feel like I’m floundering in this mess and struggle to make sense of it all – – but often there’s no sense to be made. 

I wish you all safety and happiness. 

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