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{My Books}.

SAVING THE WORLD (Book #1 in the trilogy)

by Pat McCaw with illustrations by Wayne, Caden, and Carson Chittick

When eleven year-old Rosie hears mysterious songs from her backyard forest, she gathers her friends to explore the trails. She discovers a hidden world tucked in the bluffs — and it needs her help.
Rosie embarks on an adventure to save a world that will be destroyed if they don’t act fast. Using her science knowledge and her respect for the environment, Rosie and her friends journey to another world. She sketches her new friends and their magical world in her journal along the way. Will they make it in time?

RETURN TO GRYMBALLIA (Book #2 in the trilogy)

by Pat McCaw (no illustrations)

The second fantasy adventure in the Grymballia series! Rosie has kept Grymballia and her magical friends a secret for six months, but then her nightmares begin. Is Grymballia in danger? Someone steals Rosie’s journal that holds all of Grymballia’s secrets, and then Maddy dreams that Giblet has disappeared. Rosie must protect Grymballia before it is discovered – or it may be destroyed forever.  

JOURNEY TO DEVILAND (Book #3 in the trilogy)

by Pat McCaw (no illustrations)

Spike lost his memory of Grymballia and the only cure is the Zalenda tree located in Deviland. When Rosie and friends discover that Deviland is ruled by Princess Nilly’s wicked twin brother, they worry they will not survive the journey.


A picture book about a Pammy spending a day fishing with her dad. The delightful story is filled with photographs to bring you into the action as Pammy digs for worms, watches her bobber, and learns about fishing. (starring actual photographs of my husband and daughter!)

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