Life is an Adventure – Get Your Feet Wet

Jan 12, 2018Pat's Chat, Uncategorized

Anyone who knows me is aware that I MUST travel. I am restless and cannot concentrate unless I know there is a vacation on the horizon: sandy beaches, snowy mountains tops, hiking through the forest, and crashing ocean waves call my name almost every day. My husband and I are fortunate we are able to travel and want to share our adventures with the kids why they still like us. I prefer to direct our hard earned money toward new experiences and unchartered sights while I drive a minivan and not a Lexus. WHY do I travel? 

The world is a beautiful place. 

The National Parks demonstrate geologic wonders such as the Grand Canyon or the Redwood Forest. Mesa Verde National Park houses secrets to an uncertain past as cliff dwellers carved amazing homes into the rock. The vast ocean forces the stark realization of how small we are in comparison. The sound of waves splashing on the shore and a sunset on the horizon massage away any tension that reality fostered. Realizing that life is so much more than your immediate stressors or day to day worries is necessary to avoid getting sucked into an abyss.

Travel. The first time you step foot on the beach and fine, white sand hits your toes – it feels squishy! :

Natural wonders exist everywhere. We hiked 3 miles out on dried lava in Hawaii to see fresh lava flowing into the ocean. It doesn’t happen that often and we were fortunate to witness the spectacle. The power and intensity of the lava hints to what lies below our feet in our Earth’s center and makes your mind consider what other untapped mysteries the Earth hides.

Step out of your comfort zone! Will I jump out of an airplane – Yes- someday! I dove off of a cliff in Jamaica and swam with sharks. There is so much more I need to try. 

The ocean is powerful. Riptides and monster waves easily remind you of who is in control, but under the surface of the water wondrous life exists in a world of their own. (I apologize for showing controversial video of killer whales for those who are sensitive) We saw the amazing beauty and respect these creatures deserve up close.

There are the humpbacks in Maui that I harass my husband to take whale tour after whale tour because I can’t watch them enough…

I want to raise the kids to take risks, try new things, and see the world. A family trip by train into the mountains and then zip lining in Durango, Colorado over a river among the Aspens. 

When phones are turned off and the sunrise is your alarm clock, magic happens. Sisters discover they still like each other, my husband and I remember the love that brought us together, and I find my smile. The list of places we need to visit yet is long, but we’ll get there gradually – together as  family. 

My recommendation – set a date, pull out a map, take the trip you’ve been meaning to plan for years. Vacation does not have to mean long distance – family time can be even be spent in a tent in the backyard or fishing on a nearby pond. It’s okay to miss a baseball tournament or sports camp because what will the kids remember years later? Make some memories. 

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