Life’s Too Short, Live for the Moment, Stop and Smell the Roses: And other Clichés to Live By

May 20, 2017Pat's Chat

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” I painted, crafted, and made a huge mess loving every minute of it.”

Many questioned my motives and looked at me with crazy eyes when I went back to school for my Masters in Creative Writing for children at forty-something years old. As a successful physician, I should have success, money, and all the comforts I needed – right? NOPE. Part of my brain was screaming and clawing to get out. When I put a pen to paper (sounds better than saying when I typed on my computer), colors danced in my head and rainbows shot out of my chest. I needed to write.

Everyday patients talk to me about stress and are continually beat down by corporate America. We spend the majority of our days at work and shouldn’t dread going to our job. Administrators demand more work for the same pay, we take work home with the stressors associated, and we have little options to change jobs without significant pay cuts or life changes. Is it worth it? Wouldn’t the happiest job be the person chatting about your day while bagging your groceries? The biggest worry is not to crush the bananas or break the eggs. I still may apply for this job . . .

If you currently come home from work grumpy, irritable, or toss and turn thinking about work – then make changes! I cut down hours at my office by two days a week to write more often and found a balance of energies. I love my patients, but not the politics of medicine. When I’m home, I write. Writing takes me to other worlds and on adventures with my characters. I don’t outline before writing a novel and let my story flow from my fingertips. Sometimes I say, “Oh my! I wasn’t expecting that . . .” as my plot takes a massive turn in a different direction. BUT I have other creative outlets, too. This week I was having a down week (I’m allowed). After 2-3 rejection letters in a row, I took a writing break and focused my creative energies elsewhere. I painted, crafted, and made a huge mess loving every minute of it. I You-Tubed how to draw a loon, and then drew one with India ink and watercolors. I experimented with alcohol inks and designed some new projects that are likely not beautiful to anyone but myself. But I don’t care. With my music blaring (“Alexa play Sia, Alexa play Cold Play” . . . oh how I love my Alexa) and my house a mess around me, I had a great day.

I don’t want to preach and I don’t want this to sound like a lesson filled blog – not my intention. I wanted to share my own personal experiences that have kept me sane. Showing my children that they can do ANYTHING they want in life is essential. I am perfectly fine being known as the mom with the messiest house in the neighborhood, because most of the kids flock to our house for the adventures, crafts and fun without noticing the clutter.

If you feel lost or stuck, try something new without fear or simply take a break. Put down the work computer and play with the kids, read a book, take a day trip, paint a picture or go take some photographs. Life is too short so stop and smell the roses and live for the moment. Touché to the cliché.

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