A Night of Adventure – For Parents

Nov 12, 2017Pat's Chat


Last night the tooth fairy came to our house. I’ve heard that the tooth fairy usually got up at 4:30 am and usually went to bed quite early around the same time as the toothless child. So this meant dragging herself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to flip her wings to rescue a tooth.

On this dark night, she smoothed her glittered dress in the depths of night – 11pm – to perform her fairy duties. With money treasure in her hands she flitted toward the child’s room only to stumble over a laundry basket and toy with a crash. “Mom?” Came the soft voice from the darkness.

Frozen in the hallway, the fairy decided it was better to let the child think they were being robbed or kidnapped than to risk discovering the tooth fairy, so she zipped back to her room silently.

Time passed and she attempted her flight again. The skilled fairy was now prepared to leap left and to dodge right and silently maneuvered the hallway. She entered the toothless chambers but ahead lay the ultimate challenge. The guinea pig. She stepped inside the guinea pig pen hoping to avoid the dung pellets sticking to her fairy socks as she inched toward the lofted pillow ahead. As she reached out to the princess sleeping soundly, the mad guinea pig whipped wildly around her pen in the darkness at the intruder in her presence. The thumps and bumps echoed off the walls and the fairy considered drop-kicking the guinea pig into silence… but didn’t. She must hurry.

The tooth fairy slid her hand under the pillow and deposited the treasure, but the tooth could not be found. The princess rolled over! The fairy dropped down to guinea pig level and froze. She waited. When all was quiet again, the fairy rose and slid her hand on search for her prize. The tooth!!!

Exhausted and with a broken wing, she escaped down the hallway with guinea pig poop on her socks but the princess slept in peace.


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