Refusing to Get Old

Apr 24, 2018Pat's Chat


I’m getting older – obviously. But, I didn’t feel my age until recently. I’m 46 years old and but still convinced I can climb trees and do a cartwheel in the green grass – if I felt like it. But recently my body reminded me it has changed.  

THE BODY I STRIVE FOR – not true representation of reality…

During a recent rigorous exercise class, I felt rejuvenated as I sweat, worked my heart to the pace of explosion, and pushed my muscles like the old two-a-day basketball practices in high school. Afterward my hips hurt, my back ached, my knee swelled, and I had to do the modified exercises in class to protect my back and knees. It really irked me that my body couldn’t keep up.

Then one night prior to class I was stretching – and dislocated my knee cap! Popped it right off track and had to push it back into place before I barfed with pain. It would be a much better story if I had been doing the splits or a back flip – but I was STRETCHING for crying out loud! Now I have a swollen unstable knee, strained ligament, and I can’t twist or lunge for two weeks.

So . . . instead of whining through this whole post, I am trying to find perspective.

If I don’t take care of my body, it will only get worse. I refuse to crumple into a feeble, hunched over old lady that eventually can’t walk. Knee issues and low back disk issues mean I shouldn’t do cartwheels with my kids, and shouldn’t be a runner. But I can walk, bike, elliptical, swim, surfboard, boogie board, dance, and climb a tree if I’m careful! If I sit and mope, my body will age faster. I plan to eat right and strengthen my muscles to support my failing joints.

So no more whining . . . age is a state of mind. And I’m still a youngster filled with energy ready to conquer the world. 

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