SAWKILL GIRLS and SADIE – Fantastic Novels in Multiple POV

Jan 24, 2019book review, multiple pov, Pat's Chat, Writing tips


I discovered two new favorite Young Adult (YA) novels – SADIE, by Courtney Summers, and SAWKILL GIRLS, by Claire Legrand. Each book held my attention and kept me reading to find answers and solve the mysteries buried in the pages.

These novels share a common format being told from multiple points of view. This style of story telling offers a unique perspective into the plot and characters otherwise unknown to the reader.

SADIE is told from two points of view. One perspective is the voice of West McCray and his podcast of The Girlsas he investigates, interviews, and follows the mystery of Mattie Southern’s death. The second viewpoint is Sadie, Mattie’s sister, and gives insight into past family abuse and Sadie’s vow for revenge. West McCray follows Sadie’s trail oblivious to the challenges and tragedy she faces as he interviews people she encounters. He slowly uncovers a family’s tragic secrets, but will he find Sadie to protect her from a fate similar to her sister? The multiple POV setup in SADIE keeps you turning pages as you hope that West McCray and Sadie’s paths cross in time.



SAWKILL GIRLS is a rich fantasy told from the viewpoint of three different girls living on the Island of Sawkill Rock – where girls are dying. More explicitly, girls are being hunted and eaten by a mystical beast. Young girls have disappeared for hundreds of years on Sawkill Island, but now they are disappearing rapidly. Zoey, the police chief’s daughter, lost her best friend and searches for the cause of evil. Soon after Marion’s sister disappears, she experiences ringing in her ears and sees talking moths that guide her to clues. Val is the social elite on the island, but hides generations of secrets as her family is bound to the beast that attacks her friends. Each point of view of Val, Marion, and Zoey gives new clues and a different angle to discover the secrets of Sawkill Island. An alternate viewpoint interjects as The Rock, the island itself, attempts to save its inhabitants. The story is suspenseful, dark, and the multiple POV works to deepen the plot.

The challenge with multiple POV storytelling is to assure that each POV has a unique voice. When reading VAL’s chapter and then changing to MARION’s chapter, it is important that their voice stands alone and can be recognized without having to flip back to the chapter title. These novels do this well by good character building and dialogue techniques.   

Both novels are excellent, suspenseful, and mysteries to enjoy. It is important to note that both novels touch on topics such as sexual abuse that may be triggering, but also explore topics of asexuality and sexual orientation that may allow readers to see themselves represented on the page. They are YA novels and contain explicit language and sexual situations that may be too mature for younger readers.

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