Sometimes You Need a Swift Kick

May 8, 2019Pat's Chat

I’ve been in a funk lately. In my search for motivation and inspiration, I decided to make a list of things to get me going. Instead of turning to cheesy hash browns and a cold beer on a regular basis, I’m making other plans.

  1. Take a walk – The flowering trees are blooming and the scent triggers happy thoughts and memories of grandma’s perfume. Grab a few flowers into a vase to hold onto the comfort. (I wish I could insert a scratch and sniff image here.)

     2.  Go Fishing – Floating in my boat drops my heart rate and brings instant relaxation. It doesn’t matter if the fish are biting (but it helps…) My dog sits in the point of the boat, the calm water laps against the shore, spring goslings trek across the lake with their parents, and the surrounding silence engulfs me in solitude.

  1. Paint – If I find myself in a writing slump or have a creative block – I paint. I channel my creative energies in a different direction – and get messy.

      4.  Read a book – Getting lost in a different world provides escape to another land to fight witches, explore forests, solve mysteries, or get lost in a romance.

       5. Talk to my cohort – a phone call to my best friend guarantees laughter, and she will surely tell me that I’m whining and being stupid, or she will cry by my side. Talking to my writing buddies helps me share in their writing successes and also share our similar struggles as we strive for validation of our talent.

        6. Music – The right song can flip the mood in a moment. If I want to wallow, I will choose sappy tunes. If I want to rebel, I turn to hair bands. If I want a pick me up, I choose my favorites with a good beat and crank the volume!

         7. Hot bath – An aromatherapy bubble bath in water so hot my skin stays red for about an hour. Perfect.


        8. Call my parents – Mom and Dad are the constant voice of reason, they always listen as if I’m the center of the universe, and they spell out the facts and cut through the bull –  just like when I was twelve. I’m a lucky girl.

       9. Write – Writing a story, poem, a scene for a story, or a blog post reminds me how much I love to write. Being discouraged is a waste of time! I must move on and appreciate the beautiful world and its gifts. 

I feel better already. . .

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