You Deserve More than the Crusty Piece

Mar 28, 2019parenting, Pat's Chat


My kids eat a good breakfast every morning before school, but I often show up to work and realize I have forgotten to eat.

I make sure the kids get to appointments, math bee practice and piano lessons, but I have not been to the dentist for over a year.

Nobody in my house will eat Northern beans and ham, so I never make it at mealtime. — I love Northern beans and ham – with cornbread, ketchup, and onions (thanks, Mom!)

I am in the healthcare business and counsel and encourage people daily, but some days my socks don’t match and I want to scream.

Sometimes we need to remember to take care of ourselves. If we give so much to others that we are left with an empty shell (with bad teeth), then our whole system will collapse.


We all deserve to get the FIRST helping of dinner and to not always take the crusty corner piece that nobody else eats.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to take care of ourselves. Move your own needs up the totem pole of daily essentials and put it right next to the toilet paper.

I know I can find the time needed for a walk, a hot bath, and a dentist appointment if I make myself a priority. And this week we will eat my favorite: 

Have you taken care of yourself today?


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