When I get frustrated with writing and revising, or on the days when words get stuck, I take a break. But I have to justify my breaks to my obnoxious, overactive brain that insists I don’t waste life flipping channels (Stupid brain.) One outlet I have is working with various forms of art. My brain allows me to play and make a mess because I’m technically still using my creative brain! Currently, I’ve been buying inexpensive tables at garage sales or swap sites and then flipping them into unique pieces of furniture. 

I didn’t KNOW how to do it at first. I watched many different You tube videos on different media to use – and then I played. A LOT. My basement is filled with paintings. I highly recommend getting your hands dirty, buying supplies, and making a mess. It’s relaxing and fun. Don’t worry about doing it “right” – there’s no such thing. Art is art. 

I thought I’d share a recent coffee table I’m in the process of making. To give you a glimpse into my life – I have plastic wrap, tarps, newspapers, blue painting tape, paint, cups, resin, and rubber gloves spread across our formal dining room. Until I get a she-shed, I use the space I have! 

First, I painted the table white at its base, taped plastic around every edge to let the paint flow off the edges, and then mixed my paints. I thin acrylic paint with a product called Floetrol and add water. This makes the paint runnier so it will “flow.” I then add a few drops of coconut hair serum to each color – it causes a separation of colors and “cells”.  Here is a video of a swiping process I used to create the above tabletop. I covered the tabletop with white and then – PLAYED with the patterns. (no sound needed)


After I had the base colors down and a general pattern, then I “moved” the paint and cells around with a hair dryer. This causes a lacy appearance in the white paint. (no sound needed – you’ll get annoyed by the hair dryer!)

Here is a close-up of the colors

Its’ fun!! To get it ready to become a usable coffee table, I have to let the paint dry for at least 1-2 weeks. Then I will apply a resin surface that gives it the appearance of glass and won’t scratch or chip. The resin process is many steps and messy – but I get to use a blow torch – sooooo it’s all worth it. 

I make a mess. I have admittedly gotten paint on my clothes and a spot or two on our rug (shhhhh!). I love that I can create something useful and beautiful. I have been selling items on the Facebook swap sites, and the best part was when someone bought a previously made table and couldn’t wait to put it in her new home! 

I have played with making resin geodes:

I created some new artwork to accent our living room:

And here are a few more of my creations:

So, I share all of this because it makes me happy and it’s fun, but also because I had no special training and learned it all online and through Youtube. Anyone out there can make this! Just give it a try.

I’m still using my creative brain and sometimes as I make a mess, my stories rattle through my brain and carry me back to the keyboard! 

Thanks for visiting Pat’s Chat!

[If you happen to be interested in a table or other creation customized for your home, send me a message!]


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