Lately I’ve been replaying this song over and over again on my phone, radio, Alexa, or anywhere I listen. It’s called Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammar. It’s the theme song from the movie Five Feet Apart. 

Every time I hear it, I crank the volume LOUD. The refrain is my new anthem. Don’t Give Up….

Don’t give up on staying true to your values and beliefs despite criticism and opposition – stand tall.

Don’t give up on reaching your dreams – I WILL become a published author with my books shared around the world. Patience.

Don’t give up on feeling physically better – eating better is hard… and exercise takes motivation… – but we can do better. My Fitbit goes back on my wrist today. New goal of 25 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

Don’t give up on humanity – good people exist. Being good to others could start a pandemic of compassion. Just think…

Don’t give up learning. Ever wondered what kind of butterfly sits on your rhododendrons? What are the details of the Korean War? Or how many babies can a koala bear have at once? Look it up!

Don’t give up on listening. HEAR what someone else is struggling with and listen. Put yourself in their shoes. Don’t interject your own issues. Simply listen.

Don’t give up on new adventures. Life is short. Try something new. My new goal is to try axe throwing in the next month.

Don’t give up on seeing the world. It’s amazing out there! Do you have a car? Can you drive? Road trip to Mesa Verde National Park. Journey to Mammoth Caves. Drive by the river and watch the bald eagles.

Don’t give up on each other. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve said things that I regret, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say I’m sorry and do better.

Don’t forget to have fun. Laugh. Dance. Listen to the early morning frogs singing on a lake. Act stupid – just for the heck of it. Sponge it all up like gravy on your roll.

Nobody’s perfect – definitely not me! But I can always do better.

I’d better get to work!

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