Midlife crisis?

Aug 24, 2018Pat's Chat

So – it could be a midlife crisis? I am inching up on 50, and the thought makes me barf.

The kids are back to school and they apparently grew up overnight. Today a freshman – tomorrow college visits.

Where did these ten pounds come from? Goodbye metabolism.

I know this is all normal life transition, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it with a smile.

With my advancing years, has come (slight) wisdom. The daily news is filled with tragedy and young lives cut short, so why would anyone waste a day doing something that does not make them happy and fulfilled?

I cut my medical practice down to two days a week to allow more time for writing, creating, and family. I hear the chatter (granted some of it is from my own brain): “You’re not leaving me, are you doc?” or “You’re too young to retire” or “What about all the years of medical school?” Ugh.

With the developing wrinkles and belly fat, I have graciously learned that I don’t care what everyone else thinks!

Only I can manage my destiny. Medicine is not the same world that it was 20 years ago, and my priorities have changed.

Writing, crafting, reading, and teaching literary skills bring back an enthusiasm I had lost. I have a school visit set up with elementary kids to teach basic writing skills and teach enthusiastic writers how to develop unique characters– AND I CAN’T WAIT! Seeing their imaginative minds spin with excitement to develop a new story is exhilarating.

Getting my novel, picture books, and words into the world is not easy. Finding an agent or editor to actually READ one of my manuscripts is a constant challenge, but I am learning great patience. (A difficult word in my vocabulary.) Someday it will happen. New story ideas are triggered daily.

I’m thankful for a supportive family to put up with my constant endeavors. Advancing age has helped me to reflect on what means most to me. I want my children to be respectable, successful, and HAPPY young women. Life is short – I’m finding my cloud of tranquility so my heart is at peace.  

Is it a midlife crisis? I like to think of it as midlife clarity!


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