It’s no secret that I believe picture books can save the world. Picture books can teach kindness, empathy, and emotional support for anxiety, grief, or anger issues (an so much more.) I wanted to share how picture books can be used to introduce tough subjects in history including segregation, racism, the Holocaust, and more. In a high school classroom, spewing historical facts can distance the student from the importance of the subject, but introducing the topic in the context of a character living through, brings the history to life and creates empathy and a connection to the subject matter. Of course, I have examples….

I am linking you to a portion of an online picture book course that I teach through the Area Education Association called “Using Picture Books to Augment Your Curriculum”.  The link includes titles with links to books about many difficult subjects in history. Of course, there are SO MANY MORE books out there on these topics. Ask your librarian or fellow teachers for more recommendations. Please check it out! [click NEXT at the bottom of each page to move through the discussion]

Picture books can provide the stories and characters to open discussions on many topics. Please check out my other posts on this subject! 

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