If you’re like me, your best thinking is done while driving. I crank the Lumineers channel on Pandora and think about the day. Today, I consciously tallied the many directions my brain traveled and thought I’d share.

  1. Before leaving the house, I had two cups of coffee, did the dishes, and picked up the house – did I eat breakfast?
  2. It’s so nice out today! I’m starting to see green grass fighting its way through the brown. 
  3. Maybe I’ll stop at Kwik Star for something to eat. Do I trust myself not to grab a greasy breakfast pizza or sausage sandwich?
  4. My music blares – I love this song! Exile by Taylor Swift and Bon Iver. Who wouldn’t like Taylor? Even if you don’t care for her music, she is an independent, driven, motivated human who works hard for her fame.
  5. I’m stopping at Kwik Star.
  6. There’s a guy on the street corner making a cardboard sign. He has a golf bag filled with clubs next to him. I wonder what his story is. Is he selling the golf clubs for food to eat?
  7. I need to get on my treadmill. I feel like a slug.  
  8. I stare at the breakfast sandwiches, and a sweet elderly man examines the options. I grab a breakfast burrito. Why do I crave junk food????
  9. Do I need more caffeine? I grab a flavored cold-brew coffee out of the cooler. And I buy a Powerball ticket. (The magic ticket – I know it is.)
  10. As I check out, the sweet old man still stands staring at the hot sandwiches. 
  11. Three different people hold the door for me! Maybe there’s hope for the world. 
  12. I have weekend plans with my bestie. I can’t wait. Everybody needs more Renee in their life.
  13. I start my car and see the elderly man walking across the parking lot to his truck. He has no sandwich! Awwwwww – that makes me sad. He looks lonely.
  14. Back on the road, I realize I’m wearing my “fat pants” today, and they’re tight…as I hold a burrito. 
  15. And the burrito tastes like paste. I stop eating it. But there are starving kids in Africa!
  16. I have high hopes for the coffee – but all I can taste is fake sugar and artificial flavors as I glance at the label—cancer coffee. 
  17. This 80’s song takes me back to the days of bad decisions!
  18. I’m pulling into work. I hope I can teach something valuable to the residents today.
  19. Hopefully, my girls have a great day at school. Wish I could zap the worries out of their brains. 
  20. I wonder how that girl in the office with the abdominal pain is doing? I hope she didn’t end up in the ER. 
  21. I hope to make a difference today. 
  22. I’m hungry.


This is 25 minutes in my brain. It’s a busy place most days! Why do I post this as a blog? Well – many people struggle with anxiety and fight with their brain every day. Ridiculous and irrational thoughts and worries ramble through our heads. We push forward. If you feel the same–you’re not alone! Have a great day. 

Thanks for visiting Pat’s Chat!

[Exploding brain image attribution: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/emmettc41/brain-explode-of-awesomeness]


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