I hope everyone is dong well, staying sane, and keeping safe during this strange and unique time. There are so many emotions that hop through my head on a daily basis that can be difficult to reconcile. I thought I’d share my thoughts in case someone else feels like they’re the only one struggling to survive in the underbelly of coronavirus.

  1.  I have no self control. None. If there are cookies or cake on the counter, I cannot listen to the little voice that says “keep walking.
  2. I like the kids being held hostage so they can’t have sleepovers and coffeeshop dates after school. They’re all mine now.
  3. I’m happy that I’m practicing medicine part time during a pandemic. It’s scary out there, and I fear that I’ll bring sickness home to my kids or husband. 
  4. I feel guilty that I’m practicing medicine part time during a pandemic. I’m a physician and this is what I signed up for – right?
  5. I have more hours to write and create – but I can’t. The stories develop in my brain, but I’m so distracted by the world and can’t focus.
  6. There are some ugly people in the world. Hoarding, stealing, price-gouging, and lying. 
  7. There are many more beautiful people in the world. The food pantries are stocked regularly, mask-makers volunteer their craft, businesses are developed to deliver groceries and keep the elderly safe, music and art is shared across the Internet.
  8. I miss seeing my family in the flesh, but our family Zoom meetings get the siblings, parents, and nephews connected with ease – and it’s fun!
  9. I need to get off social media. It’s stressful to hear opinions not based in fact and data. 
  10. I am loving puzzles. I’m on my third 1000 piece puzzle and I find it relaxing.
  11. But shouldn’t I be writing? Or volunteering at the hospital instead of doing a freaking puzzle??? The voices are loud in my head.
  12. A good book is a great escape.
  13. A beautiful sunrise on a crisp spring morning as you stand in the yard breathing fresh air allows you to reflect on the beauty all around us and realize what’s really important.
  14. We must have eaten out more than I realize, because I miss it quite a bit.
  15. My heart races and I destroy my fingernails as I wait for the moment Coronavirus might take someone close to me, and I can’t do anything to stop it. 
  16. Dogs are a necessity during quarantine.
  17. Even though I have endless hours in my house, it’s still not clean, organized, or clutter-free. 
  18. I love my co-workers. I’m so fortunate to have a medical family at my office who all cares for one another to ensure we’re all safe.
  19. Some days it’s good to ignore all attempts at work and binge an entire Netflix series with your girls in your pajamas.
  20. I don’t mind quarantine…


Everyone please stay safe and thanks for visiting Pat’s Chat.

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