It’s been a year. 

As of yesterday, over 2 million people have died from Covid-19. That is more people than the entire state of Nebraska or the state of New Mexico. 


When faced with sadness, loneliness, sickness, and death, we search for something positive to hang on to. I decided to reflect on how my life has changed (for good and bad) due to covid. Maybe I can take this pandemic and apply it in a positive way to make a better future.

What I’ve Learned from Covid

  1. I miss hugs. I want to hug my parents, to hug my patients, and to be able to pat the random stranger on the shoulder if they’re having a bad day – without the fear of death. I need hugs.
  2. I don’t mind quarantining from the world.

                  “Wanna go to the mall?” – Can’t. Covid.

                 “Wanna go out for a drink?” Can’t. Covid.

                 I plan to claim “covid” later this year if anyone dares to plan me a 50th birthday party. Seriously – don’t do it.

  1. I need more sweatpants. When you don’t go anywhere – be comfortable. I may never wear jeans again. After a year of covid – my jeans don’t fit anyway!
  2. Social media triggers more stress. People have opinions. Some opinions are guided by fact and others are taken from the depths of a rabbit-hole chock-full of conspiracy theories. I know my own truth. Social media is a source of stress that I have thankfully minimized.
  3. I can’t wait to go on vacation.  It’s no secret that our family loves to travel. I will kiss the sand on the next beach I see!
  4. Covid doesn’t care. One person might have no symptoms, but the next is hospitalized on oxygen. Nobody is exempt.
  5. Everyone needs a pet. We found Poppy last March at the beginning of quarantine life – she’s kept us entertained and showered with licks of love ever since.

  6. I will never look at some people the same way again. Because of covid: people lie, coerce, yell, and deny. Some will tell me covid is “not real” when moments earlier I just adjusted the oxygen intake on a 40-year old recovering from covid pneumonia, or I just consoled an elderly woman whose husband is on life support at the hospital. I’ve been accused of making money from covid despite the fact that my income was CUT drastically this year due to covid (as were many others suffering from job loss in the world – I’m fortunate to still have a job when so many don’t). It’s hard to hear the disregard for covid when I hear the sorrow, fear, and pain in my covid patient’s voices as they struggle to survive.
  7. I like to cook. Prior to covid, we ate too much takeout. I’ve rediscovered my joy of cooking. Luckily, my trapped family is obligated to try all the new recipes. 
  8. Many people are “occasional” covid believersThey will wear a mask, wash their hands, avoid restaurants and social gatherings – UNTIL it interferes with their planned vacation, family event, hair appointment, holiday, or party.
  9. I love vampires. I’m not sure I could have survived the last year without Netflix – and The Vampire Diaries. I asked my husband if we could become vampires…
  10. We need to look out for our own.Businesses, schools, and corporations make decisions based on money and try to avoid conflict. Their decisions may not be the best decision for the community or my family. We need to step back and make decisions on our own.
  11. Sometimes, you need to simply eat French fries. Covid sucks. Overwhelmed, anxious, stressed – French fries bring temporary happiness. (not medically recommended…) I have ten excess pounds to prove it.
  12. Masks aren’t that bad. I only wear eye makeup and my morning routine is quite quick. Once you get used to wearing a mask, it’s no big deal. The added bonus is that a mask covers a bad pimple or bad breath.
  13. Family is everything. I’m fortunate to have a healthy family that I enjoy being trapped with for the long term.
  14. I miss hugs. I really do. 


Hang in there, everyone! I’ve gotten two doses of the Covid vaccine and with each shot came a renewed hope that we may approach a “normal” again soon.

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