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Thanks for visiting my blog. My hope is to post every 1-2 weeks with a combination of adventure stories, craft/writing posts, book reviews, and other non-boring, exciting content to keep you coming back for more!

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Teaching Perseverance

I'm positive that kids get tired of hearing - "things are different than when I was a kid" . . . but they are! In my opinion, children face different social pressures, cyber bullying, and have to watch out for "drugs" in all forms - (don't eat the Tide Pods!) There...

Adventures in Self-Publishing: SAVING THE WORLD

              The competitive world of writing requires fortitude and persistence. I am often asked where someone can purchase my books. I usually drop my head, turn red, and fill with guilt as I explain – they are nowhere YET, except on my computer. I continue...

Self Defense: Reclaiming Control

My daughters along with 35 other family and friends had the privilege of attending Jai Johnson's self defense class last night. It was an evening that inspired hope and confidence to reverse the role as victim and to take back control. I'm going to share...

Writing Dialogue: Giving your Characters an Authentic Voice

  Dialogue fills our world as we chat with family and friends. Often we recognize excitement, sorrow, or frustration in the spoken words or the tone of a voice. Dialogue plays an essential role in giving depth to writing. “Yo, dude, snag me a...

Preparing Our Children for a Different World

I live in rural Iowa where people still hold the door open for you, strangers wave from their passing car, and there is a sense of peace in the Heartland. When a college girl gets kidnapped and killed in a rural town only minutes away, and then a twelve-year-old boy...

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