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Thanks for visiting my blog. My hope is to post every 1-2 weeks with a combination of adventure stories, craft/writing posts, book reviews, and other non-boring, exciting content to keep you coming back for more!

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Unpublished Author Lessons – Watching Out for the Wicked

Author beware. “We are interested in your manuscript.” THE PHONE CALL!!! Who doesn’t want to receive this phone call from an editor or agent? It would cause massive hysteria and probably mild incontinence... And I received it! But then… I submitted a picture book...

Wait For it or Go For it

Let the song play while you read! I was fortunate to see Hamilton in Chicago, and the powerful music showed me a part of history I knew little about. My favorite song, "Wait For It", is sung by the character, Aaron Burr, who eventually shoots Alexander Hamilton in a...

Learning History through Nonfiction

I know very little history. If I land on a yellow triangle in Trivial Pursuit, I might as well forfeit. If the topic is history at trivia night, I eat potato chips and drink a beer. It's fact. But that does not mean I don't have the interest to learn and don't realize...

Life is an Adventure – Get Your Feet Wet

Anyone who knows me is aware that I MUST travel. I am restless and cannot concentrate unless I know there is a vacation on the horizon: sandy beaches, snowy mountains tops, hiking through the forest, and crashing ocean waves call my name almost every day. My husband...

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