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Thanks for visiting my blog. My hope is to post every 1-2 weeks with a combination of adventure stories, craft/writing posts, book reviews, and other non-boring, exciting content to keep you coming back for more!

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Getting Away – Finding What’s Important: Daytona Beach

Vacation has a way of clearing out the muck swirling in your brain to filter your thoughts. Doesn’t matter where I go . . . getting away is all that matters. Recently my family traveled to Daytona Beach Florida and spent the days on the beach without a plan or...

Words to Live By – A Short Story of Fiction

This is a short story I entered into a contest - I didn't win - but wanted to share it! It is fiction and not based on true events. Words to Live By            I found a clump of Mom’s hair in the shower. Trying to ignore its meaning, I scooped it up but hesitated to...

Celebrating Diversity with Picture Books

            I grew up in rural Iowa and rarely saw a person of color, I had no experience with sexual identity issues, and my religious knowledge consisted of what I learned at Sunday school. With continued education, life experience, and traveling outside of my...

SAWKILL GIRLS and SADIE – Fantastic Novels in Multiple POV

  I discovered two new favorite Young Adult (YA) novels – SADIE, by Courtney Summers, and SAWKILL GIRLS, by Claire Legrand. Each book held my attention and kept me reading to find answers and solve the mysteries buried in the pages. These novels share a common format...

Greta and Rosie : A Tale of Two Devious Dogs

 STORY BASED ON TRUE EVENTS . . .   Meet Rosie. Mild mannered. Spoiled. Afraid to walk on hard-wood floors unless her parents have rugs to make a path. Wakes you up on a chilly night to sneak under the covers. Recently put on a restrictive diet due to stomach...

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